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Swimming pool, swimming pool equipment

Written By krisna dewa on Sunday, November 3, 2013 | 1:18 AM

Swimming pool, swimming pool equipment
A unique collection of ideas for developers, hobbyists and self builders

383 patents - together 3677 pages in hard copy (A4 )
Description of content:
The dream of many : the private swimming pool . This technique Compendium around swimming pools and accessories is a unique collection of ideas for developers , hobbyists and self builders . In this extensive patent collection you will find countless developments and construction examples of swimming pools and accessories of all kinds where you get full technical descriptions and detailed drawings of swimming pools, enclosures and covers for the cleaning , filtering, access aids , abundance troughs , wave generation , counter-current assets and more .
And all this over 3600 pages! This information comes from this first address - namely directly from the inventors ! Valuable and extremely helpful material for both professionals as well as amateur homebrewers . The patents are also very helpful when it comes to understanding the technique itself or similar parts to build or repair . A real treasure trove of information ! Each patent is structured so that the invention is in text and drawings is accurately described and illustrated, so that you can trace the design in every detail.
Source and file format :
The patents are compiled from national and international patent databases. The patents are in German language . All patent documents are in PDF format and can be read on the screen or can be printed in any desired extent. To open the files you need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader available on the internet .
For only 19,95 EUR you get 383 patents , which have a par value of 1340.50 Euros , as the price per patent in patent searches is on average 3.50 euros .



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