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Written By krisna dewa on Saturday, November 9, 2013 | 6:21 PM

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Welcome To The Natural Course Lives

1. All our courses are created in PDF ( eBook) . Once you purchase your Paypal or Clickbank course (you choose the company of your choice ) will be sent to the thank you page for your purchase.

Paypal If you buy this you will be asked to stay in Paypal or Back to Lives In Natural . Choose Rebuild Lives In Natural for you to send an email like that already made ​​your purchase and send your product.

This process is human so it can take up to 24 hours to receive your product. You purchase your product email us at cosmeticanatural@vivealnatural.com or vivealnaturalpr@gmail.com to send its course by email or send it to our download page. Once download your course we will send another email including your full name, course purchased and a note indicating us already downloaded our course. This is to make sure you 're done with your purchase .
2.    When we send your course has to record on your computer , as it does with any ebook.
3.   Your purchase is final and binding. Since it is an electronic product immediately download their course what you buy , once made this transaction we can not refund your money.

April . If you have any questions before buying please write to our emails and immediately receive your questions or we will send our reply.

Cosmetica Natural $45
Saponification Cold Process $45


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